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  • Type: Screening audiometer

  • Type of patient: For pediatric audiometry

  • Technology: Digital, wireless


RESONANCE® R17A Screening portable Audiometer

Made from high-quality materials, R17A is exquisitely designed.
The R17A combines air and bone conduction and speech testing, all in a uniquely
portable and wireless device with 7” touch screen display. The R17A includes
the Automatic Pure Tone test.

Although R17A small dimensions, it offers the same range of testing opportunities as a diagnostic device.
Frequency levels range from 125 Hz to 12500 Hz, and signal levels run from -10 dB HL to 110 dB HL. R17A can be used with a variety of transducers, including DD45, EAR 3A inserts, and HDA 280.
All the accessories are conceived to maximize patient comfort.

All the fundamental elements of R17A – the display, the chip, the wireless connection,
and the user interface design – work together to create the best possible experience.
Nothing comes between you and R17A large, touch screen, brilliant display that
makes R17A capable of so much more in every test you perform.

R17A new Bluetooth capabilities keep you connected faster than ever.
PC-integration through Bluetooth technology with MDS software for Windows®
for an easy transfer of audiometric data to the PC.
MDS software features include Database storage in local or Noah ambient,
Print Wizard and advanced report page.

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