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Middle Ear Implant

A middle ear implant is a simple yet effective way to hear clearly and naturally. Discover why VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE is the most popular middle ear implant system available, and what it can do for you.

A New Way To Hear

SOUNDBRIDGE is a unique middle ear implant system that opens up the world of sound to people with hearing loss. It is ideal for individuals who don’t see any improvement with hearing aids, or cannot use them for medical reasons.

In contrast to a hearing aid, which amplifies sound from outside your ear, SOUNDBRIDGE brings the sound straight to the inside of your ear. This innovative way of hearing also ensures great natural sound quality, making it easier to hear the things you love most.

  • Natural sound quality

    Clear, natural hearing without any noisy feedback

  • Preservation of delicate ear structures

    The only middle ear implant with single-point attachment

  • Long-term reliability

    Most successful middle ear implant for over 20 years

  • Comfortable to wear

    With the small and stylish SAMBA Audio Processor

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