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We are the authorized distributor of MEDEL, MAICO, RESONANCE(Italy), NANO, GLOBAL, PATH MEDICAL and some Asian brands.


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MED-EL is the global innovation leader in hearing loss solutions. Our systems have restored hearing to more than 170,000 individuals worldwide.


RESONANCE is an innovative solution provider for hearing assessment. Our mission is to bring Italian creativity and excellence to the Audiology and ENT world.


   PATH medical cares about your hearing and therefore provides means to help detecting hearing loss at an early stage.

Tabassum International

We are tabassuminternational established company in Bangladesh.




Middle Ear Implant

Tabassum International in Bangladesh.



Why don’t more people use hearing aids?

A recent report from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) cited cost as one of the primary reasons for poor hearing aid adoption rates. With the average retail price for a new pair of hearing aids, it’s no wonder more people don’t seek the help they so desperately need.

Why do hearing aids cost so much?

When you visit a hearing expert’s office to purchase hearing aids, the price you pay covers the cost of the hearing aids, but also covers the cost of your hearing aid fitting and the cost of future professional services. While some customers require numerous fine-tuning and counseling sessions with their provider, others require less assistance, effectively throwing money down the drain on an insurance policy they’ll never use.

Why do hearing aids at HearStore cost less?

At HearStore, we enable our customers to get exactly the level of care they need by purchasing custom-tailored aftercare plans. We don’t want to charge you for services you won’t use, and you shouldn’t want to pay for them! Our basic plan includes a hearing test, hearing aid fitting, and in-person learning session covering everything you need to know to succeed with your new hearing aids. For those that need additional appointments for fine-tuning or further instruction, we allow purchasing additional years (1, 2, or 3 years) of follow-up care. By unbundling the device and service we put you in control of your journey to better hearing, and more importantly your wallet!

Every one of our hearing aid customers receives unlimited assistance from our friendly customer service team via online chat, email, and phone. Need adjustments to your hearing aids? One of our hearing aid experts is happy to adjust your hearing aids for you remotely, using our simple ReTune Service.

How serious are we about saving you money?

We are confident that our hearing aid fitting program is the most affordable in the Bangladesh. In fact, we guarantee it. If you can find a more affordable rate for an in-person hearing aid fitting (for a hearing aid model listed on our website), we will match the price and include discount to reward your discovery.

We are so serious about saving you money, that we encourage you to check out some of our more affordable hearing solutions, including sound amplifiers and hearables. Our mission is to provide an affordable option for every budget, and to ensure that every customer finds the hearing help they need.

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