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Bone Conduction Implant

BONEBRIDGE gives you great hearing, but that’s not all. It is the most advanced active bone conduction implant and is fully placed under the skin. In fact, you won’t even realise it’s there! Find out how BONEBRIDGE uses bone conduction to revolutionise your hearing.

Comfortable and Effective

BONEBRIDGE is an implant designed around you, the user. Being fully under your skin, the ergonomic implant doesn’t leave you with open wounds or skincare routines to worry about. The externally-worn SAMBA Audio Processor sits comfortably on your head and its streamlined design makes it easy to hide under your hair. You can even connect it to your phone via the handy Siemens miniTek.

But most importantly, BONEBRIDGE offers you great sound quality. MED-EL pioneered “under-the-skin” bone conduction implants, and we’ve packed our years of experience into the latest BONEBRIDGE implant. For you, that means high-quality, comfortable hearing that you can rely on for years to come.

  • Natural sound quality
  • Placed fully under the skin
  • Small and stylish audio processor
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